Orçamento folgado…

Last week, Sky have released their new campaign in Brazil, for the World Cup. It shows Gisele Bündchen scolding Pelé and Romario for missing two goals in previous World Cups.

I’ve found it a little awkward. To begin with, why is she that angry? What’s with all the yelling? Aren’t we supposed to be more chilled, for we all live near the beach surrounded by georgeous women and coconuts? Is that like, the Boston temper?

Also, the slogan: “Become a Football Expert”. Brazilian men use to mock the female audience in world cup years, saying that all of the sudden women think they can understand everything about soccer.
So Gisele is kind of playing that part. For all Brazilian women are like that: hot, beautiful and…emotional.

But again, they could have used any other girl. Instead, they’ve picked up her.
So I think the real real point is – besides showing her magnificent body – is to show how many super über starts we have, not to mention the super über budget they have.

Anyway, Brazilian audience have probably loved it. And so will do the international, so why bother?

Gisele: I know where you missed it.
Pelé: Where did I miss it?
Gisele: You went too straight all the way, if only you have moved a little bit you’d have scored!
Pelé: move a little bit…
Gisele: You’d have done history if you’ve scored this goal.
Pelé: Gisele, I’ve scored over a thousand goals!
Gisele: But this one you haven’t….”you know”? (Gisele immitates Pele’s typical way of ending any sentence)
Pelé: Insolent girl…

Gisele: I can’t believe it…you pass through all the defense…you take the goalkeeper off your way and when you finally get to the line, you do a little kick. What little kick is that? KICK LIKE A MAN, DUDE!!
Romario: I was showing off…my bad, fish* (*slang, means dude or man)
Gisele: Not fish!
Romário: okay….Mermaid.
Gisele: Insolent short guy…

* (I have translated both ads myself. You’ll probably find some mistake on it. If you do, please let me know.)


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