“Um Beixu Goxxtosu, Brazil.”

A brazilian reporter tells Jennifer Aniston that the first thing she needs to learn in Portuguese is how to send a big sweet kiss to her brazilian fans, or as he translates, a delicious kiss.
And then, with some constipated nose and the strongest Rio’s accent EVER, he says:
Jennifer Aniston’s face is telling SAY WHAT but still she breathes and tries to figure out what the hell is he saying. Then he explains, “a delicious kiss”, but really I’m not sure if she got that right. Anyway, she tries. And I don’t know why the reporter insists on his accent, like he wanted her to learn, in 3 seconds, not only to speak Portuguese but to speak like she was some singer fom Bahia.
Try as she might, with her lips very tight like she had to speak and kiss at the same time, Jennifer says:

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