Orçamento folgado…

Last week, Sky have released their new campaign in Brazil, for the World Cup. It shows Gisele Bündchen scolding Pelé and Romario for missing two goals in previous World Cups. I’ve found it a little awkward. To begin with, why is she that angry? What’s with all the yelling? Aren’t we supposed to be more … Continue reading


Aos amigos católicos e-praticantes, Eu não fico mandando corrente ateísta por e-mail. Aos que opinam o contrário, Eu não fico mandando piadinha multimídia sobre a classe média neo-nazista brasileira. Isso seria falta de respeito. Seria muito pedir reciprocidade? Continue reading

“Um Beixu Goxxtosu, Brazil.”

A brazilian reporter tells Jennifer Aniston that the first thing she needs to learn in Portuguese is how to send a big sweet kiss to her brazilian fans, or as he translates, a delicious kiss. And then, with some constipated nose and the strongest Rio’s accent EVER, he says: “UM BEIXU GOSXXTOSU BRASIL”. Jennifer Aniston’s … Continue reading