A message to Spotify.

Your radios suck. All of them.
Since when jazz + blues + alternative + soul + new wave = julio iglesias + death metal? And sometimes, KARAOKE?

Seriously, as soon as I find a better free-replacement for last.fm, I give up on you guys.

3 thoughts on “A message to Spotify.

  1. This is a known bug. And since when do you use Spotify to listen to radio? The whole idea is to choose what to play yourself. Get a grip!

    ps. In time the bug will be fixed though so be patient.

    • wow, that was a quick feedback!!!
      Actually I thought the whole idea was to chose what to play myself, but I can’t, unless I only enjoy DEATH METAL. I can’t find anything I really enjoy listening to, the database is like YouTube, you’ll find a lot of junk.
      Believe me, after 4 months tryting to customize my playlists, I am very patient.
      But I’m truly amazed with the feedback and also with the “get a grip” critics welcoming. It is such a relief to have professionals behind an online service.
      Good luck on your bug fixing.

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