Fight Club. In Hot Masala.

Tyler Durden said: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” So when you lose your dignity, you’ll be ready to watch Fight Club – Members Only, a 2004 Bollywood film, starring everybody we don’t know. Yet.

There is dance. There is music. There is beautiful beaches and mountains landcapes. Slow-motion hair-in-the-air scenes. And there is….LAMBADA. In other others, it’s all about David Fincher.

Why the name is Fight Club actually we don’t know. Because, fight, I mean real fight, there is none. Only if you consider Shakira’s moves contest a fight. It could be.

But who the fuck cares? Wasn’t it all about losing the ego, losing your job, your wallet, your grande latte, your search for coolness?

Well, Tyler, here’s your paradise.

And the best for last.

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