This is what we are. Coherent.

Vogue Brasil cover, june 2009. THE PERFECT BODY – Anti-flaccidity collagen candy and fitness tips from Paris to India. A Hot Guide for vacations in Thailand, Escandinavia, Peru and Goa. GLOBAL MIX – Luxurious winter with rustic fringes and textures. Isabeli Fontana show how to use it. HI-LO AGAINST CRISIS – 4 amazing looks matching … Continue reading

Tropi-nazi fun.

There is one thing in the world that is worse than nazism. It is passive-nazism. Who needs a white pointed hood when a cuddly toy does all the work? *** Recebi esee e-mail ontem. O fabricante do brinquedo ‘Lula de Pelúcia’ está fazendo um recall para troca ou devolução do dinheiro devido a uma série … Continue reading

The List of Widsom vol.1

It took me some time, as probably happened to Buddha or Moses, to get this list together. It takes a lot of meditation and awareness, and infinite modesty, to find the truly Truth. Behold the List of Wisdom. Thou shalt not read this list in vain. *** – If you think your life is hard, … Continue reading

Fight Club. In Hot Masala.

Tyler Durden said: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” So when you lose your dignity, you’ll be ready to watch Fight Club – Members Only, a 2004 Bollywood film, starring everybody we don’t know. Yet. There is dance. There is music. There is beautiful beaches and mountains landcapes. Slow-motion … Continue reading