Our own version of the Oceanic 815.

I wish it was a joke, a very bad-taste promotion for a local version of Lost. But it’s not.
Until now AirFrance have NO IDEA of what really happened to the flight AF447.

We sincerely hope they are right now safe and sound, in a very misterious island…

In English: French plane lost in ocean storm

Em Português: Airbus tinha 80 brasileiros a bordo, segundo a Air France.

En Español: Un avión de Air France desaparece sobre el Atlántico con 228 personas a bordo.

3 thoughts on “Our own version of the Oceanic 815.

  1. It is interesting that fictional Oceanic Flight 815 and Air France Flight 447 have something in common.

    The first 3 number of the LOST numbers 4-8-15 can be found in 447.

    4 – First number

    4+4 = 8 adding First 2 numbers

    4+4+7 = 15 adding all 3 numbers

  2. OMG!!!!!!THE NUMBERS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!THE NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is fucking nuts….i had been on a LOST marathon the past few days…and then THIS happens…and then mr.hawkins above points out the thing with the numbers…OH HOLY COW MAN!!!!!!!

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