Quem dirira…A crise financeira não poupou nem mesmo a modelo mais bem paga do mundo.
Glamurama has recently posted on its website that the economic crisis has made Gisele Bündchen 10 million dollars poorer, according to Forbes. So far, so good. Or bad, poor Gisele. Bad crisis. No donut for you.

Although that was not exactly what Forbes said. The piece was actually pointing that the modeling industry has been hard-hit by the economic crisis, but the value of the beauties at the top is as strong as ever. Gisele earned 10 million less this year mostly because of the “loss of Victoria’s Secret and other contracts.” And let’s remind that it was her decision to leave Victoria’s Secret, as they wouldn’t raise her 5 million dollar annual salary.

I wouldn’t blame the devil crisis. I would say it’s just business. After all, even with “only” 25 million dollars a year, she’s still numer one of the list, followed by Heidi Klum, making 16 million, with 35 years-old and three kids. Now THAT’S a hardworker.

So now you know.

Still I think it’s funny the surprising tone in Glamurama’s article. Translating, it says “Who would have thought…financial crisis haven’t even spared the world’s most well-paid model”. This is funny – to begin with “who would have thought”.

Of course. In a country like Brazil, who would have thought that people’s little problems like “economic crisis” would affect the rich and famous?
Quite a scandal.

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