Quem dirira…A crise financeira não poupou nem mesmo a modelo mais bem paga do mundo. Glamurama has recently posted on its website that the economic crisis has made Gisele Bündchen 10 million dollars poorer, according to Forbes. So far, so good. Or bad, poor Gisele. Bad crisis. No donut for you. Although that was not … Continue reading

Alice in Pogoland.

Nick Bertke. Remember that name. Also known as Pogo. Don’t ask me how I’ve got to this kid. All I know is after one day I have downloaded almost everything has has put his hands on. Especially what comes next. 90% of these tracks are made with sounds from the movie. I simply can’t stop … Continue reading

The tropical stablishment.

You wake up when there’s still dark because you have to go to the gym. Or you gotta go surfing. Of course you surf. You’re scumbag yuppie but you keep fighting the waves. For breakfast you use your mixer to do a super juice of carrots, beetroot, water-cress and eggs because you not only know … Continue reading