My review on Blindness.

* This is the japanese poster, as it is obvious. You go google the other ones.

IMDB info of “Blindness”
Blindess official website

– It is very interesting the way Fernando Meirelles shot in São Paulo. Most of the times it looked like a complete fictitious city; other times it felt so good to recognize it in unusual but beautiful angles, though into a deranged context. It was a perfect scenario for such story.

– There is a clear parallel between Blindness and George Romero’s zombies. After an epidemical incident, the human race is converted to crawling, disoriented and hungry monsters. But unlike the zombies, in Blindness we do not act inhuman out of survival – we do it out of fear.

– Most of the times we felt like watching a “28 Weeks Later” or something like that. But the whiteness and the unmistakeable Brazilian touch has given the movie a total different – and more elegant I must say – atmosphere for the what-if-it-happened kind of movie.

– Julianne Moore was brilliant. Felt like she has done Brazilian productions since forever. She was absolutely inmmersed in the story, as in the futuristic chaotic grey of São Paulo. Not the same about Ruffalo, though. I couldn’t forget he was that cop in moustache that once fucked Meg Ryan.

– Alice Braga was beautiful and her accent is SO MUCH better than her auntie’s.

– Gael García could have made it better. He didn’t convince me as a bad guy. I would have put somebody else, somebody like….Jesus, why do I always think of Vicent Cassel for disgusting roles?

– And it wasn’t funny enough when he sang like Steve Wonder, though the idea was really good.

– I didn’t get the end part. Why exactly does she say that last line?

There’s a portuguese version of this post here.

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