About this blog’s appearance.

I used to have a blogger blog. It was so much easier to set the page the way you wanted. You only had to learn some basics about HTML and voilá. Now, in WordPress, you have to make sacrifices.

I mean, come on, as if life wasn’t hard enough.

If you want a custom header, you may not have it in the size you want. If you have it in the proper size you may not have it with the number of columns you want. And forget about chosing colour. You can only change some colours and images in some templates, not all of them. If you want something, you’ll have to give up something else obligatory.

That’s the way WordPress is. Like a relationship. Without the sex.

I’ll keep trying my best to make this blog to look the way it must be. But until then, nevermind if you see wierd stuff going on around here.


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