We’re not criminal; we’re just shameless.


See headlines:
In English: In Brazil, Owner of Daslu Sentenced.
En Español: Condenan a 94 años a la dueña de Daslu, la tienda del lujo en Sao Paulo
Em Português: Polícia Federal prende empresária Eliana Tranchesi, dona da Daslu

Just before I start, have you ever noticed how rich people are extremely alergic to the jail? They’re always in “health conditions” during their time.


There are very few examples among Brazilian convictions that actually are about committing a crime. Excepting some cases, it is true, somehow, that we might be the last noble savages on earth. That is, of course, if we compare our regular crimes with the ones that are committed in other places. It’s not our thing to do terrorism, xenophobia massacres, kidnapping and incest, slavery, conning. We do not study 10 years in a medical school to lobotomize young boys, we do it to drown some other kids on a prank joke, or freak out and go out killing people randomly in a mall. If we kill and torture, it’s probably because of money, it’s nothing personal. Criminal minds have a twisted intelligence of planning and performing regretlessly a severe damage for the other, having plane consciousness on his illicit act and on the punishment he’ll get from it.

And do you really think Eliana Tranchesi made all this because she’s an evil genius? Because she’s the Al Capone of fashion?

This is giving her and her team too much credit. This is just pretentious.

They’re not criminal. They’re rich. They were spoiled not only by their parents but by the system all their lives. She spent years doing this thinking she would never get caught just because she had money, respect and influential close friends. And guess what? She’s absolutely right!!!! And things will go on just like that. It was before her arrestment, it will be after it.

94 years of prison for one high-society uppity lady that has brought too many Chanels inside her luggage from Paris. And we still fall for it. We still believe, and laugh and make jokes and say: “well done, justice is done”. This isn’t about justice. This is about making a point. Giving people an example. “See? The system works!”

It is very sad that this sentence do no punish her for what she did, but for what she represents. And you can’t arrest an idea. That is why OF COURSE she got habeas corpus and got out. This time not because she was rich, any bad lawyer could take her out the same way; it was clearly an exaggerated situation. Bad move.

She represents no threat to the society. What she represents does. As many other examples, such as that bastard Maluf, or judge Lalau, all of them rich. All of them without a single sense of consequence by their acts. They should be arrested for shameless as well, because that is their real crime. They should be now figuring out how to return all the money, not to the government, but to the society. And we, as I always say, should stop laughing and demanding something more effective than this: nothing but another scandal.

One thought on “We’re not criminal; we’re just shameless.

  1. Eu gosto do termo ‘idealizadora’. Que eu saiba denota alguém que teve a idéia inicial que deu origem a algo, mas a Eliana Tranchesi não podia ter fundado a Daslu quando ela tinha 2 anos de idade, a não ser que meus conceitos de maturidade mental estejam muito enganados.

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