I’m glad that, as time goes by, people more and more come to realize that logic and common sense always wins over strict doctrines. I think it’s healthy that “god’s will” is becoming less and less the answer for everything. I mean, we totally sound like Egyptians when we do that.

I’m glad that discussions about abortion have come back in evidence in Brazil, and I’m glad that institutions such as the Catholic Church no longer exert much influence on people’s opinion. Because after all they are a bunch of old men in long black dresses, who cares about what they think or say? This only makes them look worse anyway.

But we live in a world where stepfathers still rape 9 year-old stepdaughters and religion is still embedded in every Brazilian’s brain so besides everything we saw, people won’t give up dogmas, they’ll just be shepherded by another one.

But anyway I’m glad.

“Vatican backs abortion row bishop.”

“El Vaticano reprende la excomunión de la madre de la niña violada.”


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