E se fosse pobre?

This is one of the results when social difference reaches to the point of bizarre.

These are all brazilian celebrities. And these montages are signed by a website called Kibe Loco, one of the oldest and most famous websites in Brazil, which its very name already contains so much of the richness in bad taste, primitive jokes we love to collect and respect.

These ones are from a series called “What if they were poor?” which I have received by e-mail.

The answer couldn’t be more cruel. They’d be ugly, fat and pathetic.

They would look not like you, middle-class hero you. They would look like your housekeeper. Like your office-boy. Like all those pennyless pathetic idiots who have learned very well how to keep happy and thankful in their condition, which we consider unworthy, degrading and laughable.

I understand the concept of black humour, but I seriously have no idea of which part of this is supposed to be funny. It is a scandal. It would have absolutely no difference at all if we were at Berlin in 1933 and the question was “What if they were jews?”

And what if they were you? Wouldn’t be so funny, would it?

angelica-pobre luiza-brunet-pobre ivete-sangalo-pobrefatima-bernardes-pobre daniella-cicarelli-pobre1


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