The Candyman Khan.

Never thought New York fashion weeks were interesting. If you’ve seen Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein you’ve seen enough. The rest of it always seems as a fan-made copy, and I must say, good ones. Brands like Calvin Klein should be more careful on its fans. Mr. Klein, I suggest you hire these people before they steal your clientele.

Year after year, NY is all about clean, officy, workaholic couture. Very serious cuts in delicate fabrics, or the opposite. And all kinds of wrong ideas of what it’s sexy. Grey, off-white, black, pastels, someone dares a red, other dares with prints, and will never do it again, after reading the critics. It’s boring. Models are all ukranian-like faces with ethiopian-like bodies. I always had this impression of what is fashion in New York. Everything is too big-city. Are they all dressed like that always? Will I see Jil Sander or Von Furstenberg models everywhere? Or satin dresses along with a Nike cap? How boring (and limited) would it be?

But USA is all going down anyway and Europe may not be the center of business (nor of good taste, I must say) but certainly is the center of avant-garde fashion. They’re artists. It is there where fashion begins. But this would be a subject for another large post.

Not this one. This one is about Naeem Khan.

After almost giving up of searching for good news in the runways, a festival of colours, cuts, textures and embroideris invades the screen of And all in its place. My opinion: nothing, nothing at all exagerated, or overplaced. With all the risky elements he has chosen, the whole collection could be a complete disaster in wrong hands.

And that’s what made me impressed about this indian designer. Maybe it was the influence of NY that balanced so well the collection. Maybe. But if you think no designer in New York runways can offer nothing astonishing to your wardrobe, Naeem Khan can.

Said that, I make my words the ones from’s review.

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